Previous Year Paper – Auditor (Panchayat) HPSSC Hamirpur -lll

Previous Year Paper Auditor (Panchayat) HPSSC Hamirpur -lll

  1. The Constitution of India is
    (A) Very Flexible
    (B) Very Rigid
    (C) Neither rigid nor flexible
    (C) A combination of rigidity and flexibility
  2. ………………..appoints the Governor of a State.
    (A) Home Minister of India
    (B) President of India
    (C) Prime Minister of India
    (D) Chief Justice of The State High Court
  3. Which of the following statements is correct?
    (A) India has Presidential form of government
    (B) India has Parliamentary form of government
    (C) India has both Parliamentary and Presidential forms of government
    (D) None of the above
  4. There are…………languages recognized by the Constitution of India.
    (A) 15
    (B) 18
    (C) 22
    (D) 24
  5. There Supreme Court of India has the maximum sanctioned strength of ……..judges including the Chief Justice.
    (A) 28
    (B) 29
    (C) 30
    (D) 31
  6. Which of the following is not a Union Territory of India?
    (a) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    (b) Daman and Diu
    (c) Goa
    (d) Puducherry
  7. Article………….of the Indian Constitution grants Special Status to J&K Stat.
    (a) 365
    (b) 370
    (c) 371
    (d) 378
  8. Ramesh spends Rs. 375 every month. If this is 60% of his pocket money, then his total pocket money is Rs………..
    (a) 500
    (B) 600
    (c) 575
    (d) 625
  9. In a certain code, ‘HEAL ‘ is written as 85112, then, how will you write ‘JAIL’ in that code?
    (a) 101811
    (b) 1011112
    (c) 101912
    (d) 101211
  10. Complete the series : 2,6,12,20,30, ?,56
    (a) 38
    (b) 36
    (c) 42
    (d) 48
  11. Choose the odd one out :
    (a) Ring
    (b) Bracelet
    (c) Necklace
    (d) Hat
  12. Which of the following months does not have 30 days?
    (a) September
    (b) April
    (c) November
    (d) October
  13. The famous Book ‘Devdas’ was written by
    (A) Ravinderanath Tagore
    (B) Prem Chand
    (C) Devkinandan Khatri
    (D) Sharat Chandra Chatterji
  14. Which of the following countries is not a permanent members of the Security Council of UNO?
    (A) China
    (B) France
    (C) Italy
    (D) UK
  15. ……………..was popularly known as ‘Loknayak’.
    (A) Balgangadhar Tilak
    (B) Chitranjan Das
    (C) Jaya Prakash Narayan
    (D) M.S. Golvalkar
  16. ………………Ganga is the life-line of India
    (A) A
    (B) An
    (C) The
    (D) No Correction
  17. Choose the correctly spelt word:
    (A) Gaurantee
    (C) Garantee
    (D) Garuantee
  18. Choose the antonym of the word : ‘CLARITY’
    (A) Certainty
    (B) Rationality
    (C) Fallacy
    (D) Ambiguity
  19. Change the sentence into Passive Voice : Ajit did not help me.
    (A) I am not helped by Ajit.
    (B I had not helped by Ajit
    (C) I had not been helped by Ajit
    (D) I was not helped by Ajit.
  20. Ramesh apologized …………. the professor for his misbehaviour.
    (A) from
    (B) for
    (C) to
    (D) with
  21. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom ‘Gift of the gab’:
    (A) Able bodied person
    (B) Having impressive personality
    (C) Ability to speak fluently and effectively
    (D) To take birth in a rich family.
  22. ‘व्यापक ‘ का संधि-विच्छेद है
    (A ) व्य+आपक
    (B) व्यो +आपक
    (C) व्यी+आपक
    (D) वि +आपक
  23. निम्नलिखित में से कौन सी पुस्तक मुंशी प्रेमचंद से संबंधित नहीं है ?
    (A) रंगभूमि
    (B) गोदान
    (C) निर्मला
    (D) परिणीता
  24. अँधेरी रात में कोयल कूक रही थी। ‘-वाक्य विशेषण है
    (A) अँधेरी
    (B) रात
    (C) कूक
    (D) थी
  25. ज्योत्सना ‘ का पर्यावाची है
    (A) दीपक
    (B) किरण
    (C) चाँदनी
    (D) तेज
  26. ‘कलेजे पर साँप लोटना ‘ मुहावरे का अर्थ है :
    (A) आर्थिक नुकसान होना
    (B) परेशानी में पड़ना
    (C) ईर्ष्या से जलना
    (D) सगे की मृत्यु होना
  27. शुद्ध शब्द है
    (A) परिधि
    (B) परीधि
    (D) प्रीधी
  28. The focal length of a lens is
    (A) Same for all wavelengths
    (B) Maximum for red and minimum for violet colour
    (C) Zero for red and infinite for violet colour
    (D)Maximum for violet and minimum for red coluour
  29. The correct arrangement of colours in the descending order of their wavelength is
    (A) Yellow, violet, green, orange
    (B) violet, green, yellow,orange
    (C) yellow, green, orange,violet
    (D) orange, yellow, green, violet
  30. In refraction, light waves are bent on passing from one medium to second medium because, in the second medium
    (A) Frequency is different
    (B) amplitude is smaller
    (C) coefficient of elasticity is larger
    (D) speed is different
  31. When exposed to sunlight, thin films of oil on water often exhibit brilliant colours due to phenomenon of
    (A) Dispersion
    (B) diffraction
    (C) interference
    (D) polarisation
  32. The twinkling effect of star light is due to
    (A) The fluctuating apparent position of the star being slightly different from the actual position of the star
    (B) total internal reflection
    (C) highly dense matter of star
    (D) constant burning of hydrogen in the star
  33. All stimuli acting on the organism is perceived by sensory nerve endings called
    (A) effectors
    (B) axons
    (C) dendrites
    (D) receptors
  34. A reptile which can live on water and land is the
    (A) Wall lizard
    (B) Turtle
    (C) Sphenodon
    (D) python
  35. Snakes can swallow animals much larger than the diameter of their own bodies because :
    (A) The lower jaw is very loosely attached to the skull by means of two slender bones called quadrates. This allows the mouth to expand several times the diameter of the snake itself.
    (B) The lower jaw can spread at the anterior midpoint
    (C) The palate bones are movable.
    (D) All of these
  36. Which one of the following is a non-venomous snake?
    (A) Garter snake
    (B) Rattle snake
    (C) Sea snake
    (D) Cobra
  37. A strong, hooked beak is present in certain birds for
    (A) making holes in tree trunks
    (B) digging up the mud under water
    (C) tearing flesh
    (D) None of these
  38. A bird which does not incubate its eggs is the
    (A) common humming bird
    (B) cuckoo
    (C) seagull
    (D) penguin
  39. Which one of the following is a fossil reptile?
    (A) Alligator
    (B) Harlequin
    (C) Crocodile
    (D) Dinosaur
  40. The largest living land animal is the
    (A) Lion
    (B) Man
    (C) Elephant
    (D) Camel
  41. The theory of continental drift was proposed by
    (A) Bessey
    (B) Wegener
    (C) Hutchinson
    (D) Linnaeus
  42. Energy is not carried by
    (A) Stationary waves
    (B) Progressive waves
    (C) Transverse progressive waves
    (D) Longitudinal progressive waves
  43. The phenomenon of polarisation of light indicates that
    (A) Light is not a wave
    (B) light is longitudinal wave
    (C) light is transverse wave
    (D) Non of these aspects are true
  44. To get images of a single object, one should have two plane mirrors places at an angle of
    (A) 30 degree
    (B) 60 degree
    (C) 120 degree
    (D) 90 degree
  45. Which one of the following is a flightless bird?
    (A) Seagull
    (B) Swallow
    (C) Ostrich
    (D) Pegeon
  46. The essential properties of a medium for the propagation of mechanical wave are
    (A) Inertia and elasticity
    (B) Inertia and mass
    (C) Elasticity only
    (D) Mass only
  47. Which of the following statement is not true for the sound waves?
    (A) Sound travels faster in water than in air.
    (B) Sound travels as a longitudinal wave in a gas.
    (C) Due to propagation of sound, compressions and rarefactions are set up in gaseous medium.
    (D) Presence of moisture in atmosphere does not affect the speed of sound.
  48. The role of a catalyst in a chemical reaction is to change
    (A) Heat of reaction
    (B) Final products
    (C) Activation energy
    (D) Equilibrium constant
  49. Electrolytes conduct current by
    (A) Allowing electrons to flow through them from cathode to anode
    (B) The movement of ions
    (C) The movement of molecules
    (D) All of these
  50. Butter represents colloidal solution of
    (A) Fat dispersed in water
    (B) Fat globules dispersed in water
    (C) water dispersed in fat
    (D) None of these

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Previous Year Paper Auditor (Panchayat) HPSSC Hamirpur -lll

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