Solved Paper of HP Finance and AS Preliminary 2019 – HPPSC Shimla (Part-ll)

Solved Paper of HP Finance and AS Preliminary 2019 – HPPSC Shimla (Part-ll)

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Q41: The option for getting the pay fixed from the date of promotion or after earning next increment is available on :
A Ad hoc promotion
B Appointment to Ex cadre posts
C Regular promotion
D Appointment on Secondment basis
Correct Ans: C

Q42: Under Rule 9 (2) (b) of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, Departmental proceedings, if not instituted while the Government Servant was in service, shall not be in respect of any event which took place
A More than 4 years of such institution
B More than 3 years of such institution
C More than 7 years of such institution
D More than 10 years of such institution
Correct Ans: A

Q43: Where the president decides not to withhold or withdraw pension but orders recovery of pecuniary loss from pension, the recovery shall not ordinarily be made at a rate exceeding
A one fourth of pension admissible at the time of retirement.
B one third of pension admissible at the time of retirement.
C half of pension admissible at the time of retirement.
D Basic pension at the time of retirement.
Correct Ans: B

Q44: Which of the following shall not count as qualifying service for pension and for increments without any further sanction ?
A Extraordinary leave granted on medical certificate.
B Extra ordinary leave granted due to inability to join or rejoin duty on account of civil commotion
C Extra ordinary leave granted for prosecuting higher technical and scientific studies
D None of the above.
Correct Ans: D

Q45: The cases of fixation of pay on promotion when higher duties and responsibilities are involved are dealt under
A FR 22(I)a(1)
B FR 22(I)a(2)
C FR 22(I)a(3)
D FR 23.
Correct Ans: A

Q46: A Government Servant compulsory retired from service as a penalty may be granted, by the authority competent to impose such penalty, pension or gratuity or both at a rate:
A not less than half of compensation pension or gratuity or both
B not less one third of compensation pension or gratuity or both
C not less two thirds of compensation pension or gratuity or both
D not less three fourth of compensation pension or gratuity or both
Correct Ans: C

Q47: In case of a Government Servant retiring before completing qualifying service of ten years, the amount of service gratuity shall be calculated at the rate of
A half month’s emoluments for every completed six monthly periods of qualifying service.
B one fourth month’s emoluments for every completed six monthly periods of qualifying service.
C one month’s emoluments for every completed six monthly periods of qualifying service.
D None of the above.
Correct Ans: A

Q48: Additional pension payable to the retired Government servant/ Pensioner on attaining the age of 100 years is payable on the following rates
A 40 % of the basic pension.
B 50 % of the basic pension.
C 100% of the basic pension
D 80 % of the basic pension.
Correct Ans: C

Q49: Entitlement for Death Gratuity in case of a Government servant who died with 10 years of qualifying service will be _ subject to maximum ceiling.
A 6 times of monthly emoluments
B 10 times of monthly emoluments
C 12 times of monthly emoluments
D 15 times of monthly emoluments
Correct Ans: C

Q50: The rates of family pension under Family Pension Rules, 1964 is at uniform rate of __ subject to minimum and maximum ceilings.
A 30 % of basic pay
B 40% of basic pay
C 50 % of basic pay
D 25 % of basic pay
Correct Ans: A

Q51: A Government Servant shall be entitled to commute for a lump sum payment of an amount not exceeding
A 25 % of his pension
B 50% of his pension
C 40 % of his pension
D 45 % of his pension.
Correct Ans: C

Q52: The commuted amount of the pension shall be restored from the date of reduction of pension on account of commutation becomes operative, on completion of
A 15 years
B 12 years
C 10 years
D 20 years
Correct Ans: A

Q53: As per the gradation for Travelling Allowance rules in Himachal Pradesh, the Government Servants with grade pay of Rs. 3000 and above but less than the grade pay of Rs. 5000 fall in group:
D None of the above
Correct Ans: A

Q54: The rate of daily allowance within Himachal Pradesh for Group C Government Servant is Rs._ per day.
A 200
B 180
C 160
D 250
Correct Ans: B

Q55: A Government Servant in transit from one post to another ranks in the grade to which the _ of the two posts would entitle him
A Lower
B Higher
C Any of the two above
D None of the above
Correct Ans: A

Q57: For the total absence from Headquarters on tour exceeding six hours but not exceeding twelve hours the _ of daily allowance is admissible to a Government Servant.
A 50%
B 70%
C 100%
D 60%
Correct Ans: B

Q58: The admissibility of full daily allowance at a place outside Government Servant’s headquarters for a continuous halt is available up to __ days.
A 100
B 180
C 150
D 200
Correct Ans: B

Q59: Except as provided in Rule 20 of CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, authority competent to grant leave can not
A refuse the leave
B revoke the leave
C alter the kind of leave due and applied for
D None of the above.
Correct Ans: C

Q60: At the request of a Government Servant, the authority which granted him leave may commute it retrospectively into leave of a different kind which was due and admissible to him at the time the leave was granted if the request for the same was received within a period of _____days of the concerned Government Servant joining his duty on the expiry of the relevant spell of leave availed of by him while in service.
A 30 days
B 45 days
C 60 days
D 90 days
Correct Ans: A

Q61: Following kind of leaves cannot be combined with earned leave
A Half pay leave
B Maternity leave
C Casual leave
D Paternity leave
Correct Ans: C

Q62: Leave can be granted to Government Servant whom a competent punishing authority has decided to :
A Dismiss from Government Service
B Remove from Government Service
C Compulsory retirement form Government Service
D None of the above
Correct Ans: D

Q63: The leave account of every Government Servant shall be credited with half pay leave, in advance, in two installments of days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year.
A 20 days
B 10 days
C 15 days
D 30 days
Correct Ans: B

Q64: The half pay leave account of a fresh appointee shall be credited to the said leave account at the rate of
for each completed calendar month of service which he is likely to render in the half year of the calendar year in which he is appointed.
A 3/5 days
B 5/2 days
C 5/3 days
D 5/4 days
Correct Ans: C

Q65: If a Government Servant has availed of extraordinary leave and/or some period of absence has been treated as dies non in half year, the credit to be afforded to his half pay leave account at the commencement of the next half year shall be reduced by __ of the period of such leave and/or dies non subject to maximum of 10 days.
A 1/10th
B 1/20th
C 1/18th
D 1/15th
Correct Ans: C

Q66: Leave not due is debited against the __, the Government servant may earn subsequently
A half pay leave account
B earned leave account
C extraordinary leave account
D Maternity leave account
Correct Ans: A

Q67: A female Government Servant with less than _ surviving children may be granted maternity leave by the competent authority.
A three
B two
C one
D four
Correct Ans: B

Q68: Paternity leave is debited against the leave account of :
A Earned Leave
B Half Pay leave
C not debited against leave account
D Paternity leave account
Correct Ans: C

Q69: Paternity leave can be availed up to _ from the date of delivery of the child.
A two months
B three months
C Six months
D One year.
Correct Ans: C Six months

Q70: Study leave may be granted to Government Servant who has rendered not less than __ years of Service.
A 2 years
B 3 years
C 5 years
D 4 years
Correct Ans: C 5 years

Q71: Temporary government servants to whom GPF rules applies, are eligible to subscribe to the fund, after a continuous service
of _
A one year
B two years
C six months
D three years
Correct Ans: A one year

Q72: The amount of minimum subscription of a Government Servant to GPF should not be less than ______of his emoluments
A 6%
B 8%
C 10%
D 9%
Correct Ans: A 6%

Q73: Subscription to GPF is to be compulsorily discontinued during the last _ months of service on superannuation.
A Six
B four
C three
D two
Correct Ans: C three

Q74: The competent authority may sanction, within 12 months before the date of subscribers retirement on superannuation up to _ from the amount standing to the credit in the fund without linking to any purpose.
A 1/2
B 3/4th
C 90%
D 80%
Correct Ans: C 90%

Q75: Having due regard to the object of the withdrawal, status of the subscriber and amount at his credit, the sanctioning authority may sanction withdrawal up to __ of the balance at the credit in the GPF for one or more of the purposes specified in Clause (A) of sub rule (1) of Rule 15 of GPF rules.
A 1/2
B 3/4th
C 90%
D 80%
Correct Ans: B 3/4th

Q76: The Leave Travel Concession is admissible to the Government Servants who have completed __ of continuous service
on the date of journey.
A 3 months
B 6 months
C one year
D 9 months
Correct Ans: C one year

Q77: The Leave Travel Concession cannot be availed during
A Casual leave
B Earned Leave
C Week ends only
D None of the above
Correct Ans: C Week ends only

Q78: The current block for availing home town LTC is
A 2018-2019
B 2019-2020
C 2019-2021
D None of the above
Correct Ans: A 2018-2019

Q79: Earned leave up to a maximum of ten days at a time may be encashed for LTC subject to maximum of _ days during the
entire career .
A 50
B 100
C 60
D 90
Correct Ans: C) 60

Q80: The LTC advance up to __ of the probable amount of reimbursement can be granted under LTC rules.
A 75%
B 80%
C 90%
D 50%
Correct Ans: (C) 90%

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Solved Paper of HP Finance and AS Preliminary 2019 – HPPSC Shimla (Part-ll)

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