Solved Paper of Junior Office Assistant (IT) 2021 -Dr. YSP University Solan-ll

Solved Paper of Junior Office Assistant (IT) 2021 -Dr. YSP University Solan-ll

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  1. Choose the correct statement :
    (A) Optical Character Reader and optical Mark Recognition are examples of Input devices.
    (B) Optical Character Reader and Optical Mark Recognition are examples of Output devices.
    (C) Optical Character Reader is input device whereas Optical Mark Recognition is example of Output device.
    (D) Optical Mark Recognition is example of input de-vice whereas Optical Character Reader is output device.
  2. .Which among the following statements is wrong?
    (A) Machine language and Assembly language are examples of High level Language
    (B) Machine Language some – times also refers to Object code.
    (C) Assembly language uses the Mnemonics to represent instructions.
    (D) Java is platform independent language.
  3. The data in excel sheet should be in which of the following format to use it in order to create a ‘Mail Merge” in Microsoft Word Document.
    (A) Table format, without headers on each column only with the necessary information in each column.
    (B) Table format, with headers on each column and then the necessary information in each column
    (C) Both a and b
    (D) None of these
  4. Switching the CPU to another process requires:
    (A) Saving the state of the new process and loading the saved state for the old process.
    (B) Saving the state of the old process and lading the saved state for the new process.
    (C) Saving the state of the old process and loading the saved state for the old process.
    (D) Saving the state of the new process and loading the saved state for the new process.
  5. With respect to the statement “MS Word is running on a Windows machine’, which of the following statement is Correct?
    (A) Application software load before system software
    (B) Application software cannot load after System Software
    C. System software load before application Software
    D. System Software load after Application Software

31……refers to a reversible step by step process in which a given set of relation is replaced by successive collections of relations that have a progressively simpler and more regular structure.
(A) Normalization
(B) Primary Key
(C) Pattern matching
(D) Table

  1. Select the correct option for the Distance Vector Routing?
    (A) Only distance vectors are exchanged. ‘next hop’ values are not exchanged. This is because it results in exchanging the large amount of data which consumes more bandwidth.
    (B) While preparinga new rou ting table-A router takes into consideration only the distance vectors it has obtained from its neighboring routers. It does not take into consideration is old routing table.
    (C) The algorithm keeps on repeating periodically and never stops. This is to update the shortest path in case any link goes down or topology changes.
    (D) All above options are correct.
  2. What is the full form of SMTP?
    (A) Simplex Mail Transfer Protocol.
    (B) Single Mail Transfer Protocol.
    (C) Simple mail transfer Protocol.
    (D) Simple Mail Transmission Protocol.
  3. Consider following C Program:


Int main (){
Int arr[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,1,2,5), *ip=arr+4;
printf(“%d/n’,ip [2]);
Return 0;
The number that will be displayed on the execution of the program is..
A. 5
B. 6
C. 3
D. 4

  1. The command in LINUX OS to check the Bad Sectors in your pen drive is:
    A. fsck-1/dev/sdc 1
    B. fdisk-1
    C. fscan/dev/sdc 1
    D. fix-1/dev/sdc1
  1. Combination of multimedia and hyperlinks is called as
    A. Hypertext
    B. Media
    C. Multitask
    D. Hyper task
  2. The standard protocol of the Internet is
    A. HTML
    B. Java
    C. TCP/IP
    D. Flash
  3. Which escape character can be used to being a new line in C?
    A. \a
    C. m
  4. The operator && is a. ……… Operator:
    A. Assignment
    B. Increment
    C. Logical
    D. Rational
  5. The text color in a presentation should contrast with the colour if:
    A. Background
    B. Frame
    C. Stack
    D. None of these
  1. Select the option which does not represent example of multicast:
    A. Sending a message to a particular group of people on WhatsApp
    B. Video conference or teleconference
    C. Class taken by a faculty using MS team/ google meet app
    D. Transmission of a television Channel
  2. Select the correct option fro the given IP address 300.1.2.3
    A. This is not a valid IP address.
    B. First and Last IP Address are reserved.
    C. This is because for any given IP Address, the range of its first octet is always [1,254].
    D. All above options are correct
  3. The following statement is false with respect to Hamming Code:
    A. If there is a hamming distance between two codewords then it will require d single-bit errors to convert one into the other.
    B. The parity bit is chosen so that the number of 1 bits in the codeword is even (or odd)
    C. The bits that are powers of 2 (1,2,4,8,16, etc….) are message bits.
    D. None of these
  4. Given a message 1010000 with a generator polynomial x3+1, then what should be the transmitted message using this generator polynomial:
    A. 1010000001
    B. 101000011
    C. 1010000100
    D. 1010000101
  5. If the bandwidth of the line is 1.5 Mbps, RTT is 45 msec and packet size is 1 KB, then find the link utilization in stop and wait flow control protocol:
    A. 10.8%
    B. 9.2%
    C. 12.3%
    D. 5.2%
  1. The maximum window size for data transmission using the selective repeat protocol with n bit frame sequence number is:
    A. 2n
    B. 2(n-1)
    C. 2n-1
    D. 2(n-2
  2. Select the correct Option:
    A. Flooding is static routing algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent out on every outgoing line except the one it arrived on.
    B. Static algorithm do not take the current network load into account whereas Distance vector routing algorithms operate by having each router maintain a table (i.e.,a vector) giving the best-known distance to each destination and which line to use to get there
    C. In flow control routing algorithm, the route is decided based on traffic. i.e. if traffic is heavy in a short path, then it is diverted to low traffic route even if it is longest path to reach the destination node.
    D. Al above options are correct.
  3. Let an array A is defined as int A[3]IS]={1.5,6..10,11.15}, where an integer takes 4 bytes of memory. If the base address of A is 1000 then the memory location of A [1][4] will be:
    A. 1036
    B. 1032
    C. 1028
    D. 1020
  4. What is the value of the postfix expression 6 3 2 4+*:?
    A. 1
    B. 40
    C. 18
    D. -18
  5. A graphics card has on board memory of MB. Which of the following modes can the card not support?
    A. 1600x 400 resolution with 256 colors on a 17 inch monitor
    B. 1600x 400 resolution with 16 million colors on a 14 inch monitor
    C. 800x 400 resolution with 16 million colors on a 17 inch monitor
    D. 800x 800 resolution with 256 colors on a 14 inch monitor

Solved Paper of Junior Office Assistant (IT) 2021 -Dr. YSP University Solan-ll

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