Solved Question Paper of Sub-Inspector of Police Post Code 729 -HPSSC Hamirpur-2

Solved Question Paper of Sub-Inspector of Police Post Code 729 -HPSSC Hamirpur-2

  1. In a period of inflation and price rise the supply of money
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remains the same
    (D) None of these
  2. The first income committee was established in which year ?
    (A) 1947
    (B) 1948
    (C) 1949
    (D) 1950
  3. Remedy finance is done by
    (A) RBI
    (B) SBI
    (C) NABARD
    (D) National Development Council
  4. Which of the following is on the insignia of the RBI ?
    (A) Lion
    (B) Tiger
    (C) Panther
    (D) Elephant
  5. Which is a development expenditure ?
    (A) Grant-in-aid
    (B) Irrigation Expenditure
    (C) Civil Administration
    (D) Debt Services
  1. Which is the biggest tax paying sector in India ?
    (A) Banking Sector
    (B) Transport Sector
    (C) Industrial Sector
    (D) Agriculture Sector
  2. The practice of selling goods in a foreign country at a price below their
    domestic selling price is called
    (A) Diplomacy
    (B) Dumping
    (C) Double Pricing
    (D) None of these
  3. Excise duty is levied on
    (A) Export of goods
    (B) Production of goods outside the country
    (C) Sale of goods
    (D) Import of goods
  4. ‘Plan Holiday’ was declared after which five year plan ?
    (A) First
    (B) Second
    (C) Third
    (D) Fourth
  5. ‘NIFTY’ is associated with
    (A) Consumer Price Index
    (B) BSE Index
    (C) NSE Index
    (D) None of these
  1. Insurance sector in India is regulated by
    (A) IRDA
    (B) SEBI
    (C) RBI
    (D) None of these
  2. Special Drawing Rights were created by
    (A) IBRD
    (B) ADB
    (C) IMF
    (D) WTO
  3. The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is located at
    (A) New Delhi
    (B) Hyderabad
    (C) Mumbai
    (D) Ahmedabad
  4. Sailor : Compass : : ?
    (A) Student : Exam
    (B) Doctor : Stethoscope
    (C) Pen : Officer
    (D) Painter : Artist
  5. Which is different from the rest ?
    (A) HGFED
    (B) PONML
    (C) NLKJI
    (D) TSRQP
  1. In a certain code language ‘GIVE’ is written as ‘VIEG’ and ‘OVER’ is written as ‘EVRO’. How will ‘DISK’ be written in that same code ?
    (A) SIDK
    (B) KISD
    (C) KDSI
    (D) SIKD
  2. Which will come in place of question mark in the number series;
    5, 11, 23, 47, 95, ?
    (A) 198
    (B) 194
    (C) 191
    (D) 185
  3. Missing letters in the letter series
    _cb_ca_bacb_ca_bac_d is
    (A) badddb
    (B) addbbb
    (C) bbbddd
    (D) addddb
  4. If every second Saturday and all Sundays are holidays in a 30 days month
    beginning on Saturday, then how many working days are there in that month ?
    (A) 20
    (B) 21
    (C) 22
    (D) 23
  5. If 5 × 4 = 15, 7 ×8 = 49 and 6 × 5 = 24, then 8 × 4 is equal to
    (A) 24
    (B) 26
    (C) 28
    (D) 30
  1. What is the theme of the 2019 World Asthma Day ?
    (A) Better air better breathing
    (B) You can control your Asthma
    (C) Understanding Asthma
    (D) Stop for Asthma
  2. INS Ranjit, which is recently decommissioned by Indian Navy, was built by which of the following countries ?
    (A) Germany
    (B) France
    (C) United States
    (D) USSR
  3. The recently published book ‘Game Changer’ is the autobiography of which
    of the following cricketers ?
    (A) Waqar Younis
    (B) Javed Miandad
    (C) Shahid Afridi
    (D) Imran Khan
  4. Which country is the current chair of the 2019 G-7 summit ?
    (A) France
    (B) Australia
    (C) India
    (D) Chile
  5. Which Indian sportswomen has attained the World No. I position in the
    women’s 10 m air rifle event ?
    (A) Manu Bhaker
    (B) Anisa Sayyed
    (C) Apurvi Chandela
    (D) Anjum Moudgil
  1. Which South American nation has recently joined International Solar
    Alliance ?
    (A) Ecuador
    (B) Colombia
    (C) Uruguay
    (D) Bolivia
  2. Which Indian personality has been conferred the UAE’s highest civilian
    honour ‘Zayed Medal’ recently ?
    (A) Shashi Tharoor
    (B) Narendra Modi
    (C) Shahrukh Khan
    (D) Sania Mirza
  3. Who has been elected as the new President of World Bank ?
    (A) Christopher Kilby
    (B) Christine Lagarde
    (C) David Malpass
    (D) Mauricio Macri
  4. Which country’s Space Agency has successfully dropped an explosive on
    asteroid Ryugu to make crater recently ?
    (A) China
    (B) France
    (C) Japan
    (D) Germany
  5. Which Indian Armed force has recently tied up with CSIR for joint research ?
    (A) Indian Navy
    (B) Indian Army
    (C) Indian Air Force
    (D) Indian Coast Guard
  1. Isaak Hayik, who has become the world’s oldest soccer player, is from
    which country ?
    (A) Saudi Arabia
    (B) Iran
    (C) UAE
    (D) Israel
  2. RBI has recently tweaked LCR norms to boost liquidity. What does ‘LCR’
    stands for ?
    (A) Liquidity Coverage Ratio
    (B) Liquidity Carbon Ratio
    (C) Liquidity Commodity Ratio
    (D) Liquidity Calculative Ratio
  3. Which of the following banks has recently launched paperless account
    opening facility for NRIs ?
    (A) ICICI Bank
    (B) Axis Bank
    (C) IDBI Bank
    (D) HDFC Bank
  4. What is the India’s rank in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) ?
    (A) 135th
    (B) 140th
    (C) 145th
    (D) 150th
  5. Amar Paul, who passed away recently, was the legendary folk singer of
    which language ?
    (A) Odia
    (B) Tamil
    (C) Bengali
    (D) Urdu
  1. The state tree of H.P. is
    (A) Sal
    (B) Teak
    (C) Deodar
    (D) Shisham
  2. The state game of H.P. is
    (A) Volleyball
    (B) Hockey
    (C) Kabaddi
    (D) Kho-kho
  3. Population density of H.P. as per census 2011 is
    (A) 109
    (B) 116
    (C) 121
    (D) 123
  4. Nalwari fair is celebrated in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Hamirpur
    (B) Una
    (C) Solan
    (D) None of these
  5. Hathi dhar is located in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Chamba
    (B) Kangra
    (C) Mandi
    (D) Kullu
  1. ‘Chabutra hills’ is located in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Sirmaur
    (B) Solan
    (C) Shimla
    (D) Hamirpur
  2. ‘Banganga’ is a tributary of which river in H.P. ?
    (A) Yamuna
    (B) Chenab
    (C) Beas
    (D) Satluj
  3. ‘Pooh’ sub-division is located in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Lahaul & Spiti
    (B) Kinnaur
    (C) Kullu
    (D) Chamba
  4. Halda festival is celebrated in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Kinnaur
    (B) Chamba
    (C) Sirmaur
    (D) Lahaul & Spiti
  5. Dr. Y.S. Parmar belonged to which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Sirmaur
    (B) Solan
    (C) Shimla
    (D) Kangra
  1. Who was the first recipient of Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram Award in
    Pahari Literature ?
    (A) Mian Goverdhan Singh
    (B) Jai Dev Kiran
    (C) Suman Rawat
    (D) Keshav Narayan
  2. Oldest Painting school of H.P. was
    (A) Kangra
    (B) Guler
    (C) Basholi
    (D) None of these
  3. Which is the largest administrative division of H.P. ?
    (A) Shimla
    (B) Kangra
    (C) Mandi
    (D) None of these
  4. Old name of ‘Baijnath’ was
    (A) Trigarta
    (B) Brahmpur
    (C) Hindur
    (D) Kirgram
  5. Who was the founder of Chamba town ?
    (A) Meru Varman
    (B) Lakshman Varman
    (C) Sahil Varman
    (D) None of these
  1. Total number of legislative assembly constituencies in H.P. is
    (A) 3
    (B) 4
    (C) 36
    (D) 68
  2. Who commanded the Mughal forces which subdued Kangra fort in 1620 A.D. ?
    (A) Chattar Singh
    (B) Durga Singh
    (C) Nawab Ali Khan
    (D) Torman
  3. In which century was the Mandi state founded ?
    (A) Sixth
    (B) Ninth
    (C) Tenth
    (D) Fourteenth
  4. When Gandhiji visited Shimla for the first time ?
    (A) 1921
    (B) 1924
    (C) 1927
    (D) 1930
  5. Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi (at Purani Mandi) ?
    (A) Bhawani Sen
    (B) Ajbar Sen
    (C) Chattar Singh
    (D) Mian Autar Singh
  1. The total length of Kalka-Shimla railway line is
    (A) 92.5 km
    (B) 96.5 km
    (C) 103 km
    (D) 107 km
  2. Suketi fossil park is located in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Mandi
    (B) Chamba
    (C) Kinnaur
    (D) Sirmaur
  3. Central Potato Research Institute is located in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Shimla
    (B) Hamirpur
    (C) Mandi
    (D) Kangra
  4. ‘Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna’ is in which district of H.P. ?
    (A) Kullu
    (B) Chamba
    (C) Kinnaur
    (D) Kangra
  5. Who wrote the book ‘Lajjo’ ?
    (A) Dr. Y.S. Parmar
    (B) Shanta Kumar
    (C) Ranzor Singh
    (D) Dev Raj Sharma

Directions : (Q. 146 to 150) : Choose the most appropriate option out of the four given alternatives (A), (B), (C) and (D) to fill in the blank.

  1. The centralisation of both political and economic powers has been continuing _ independence.
    (A) from
    (B) for
    (C) since
    (D) by
  2. The judge recommended a severe punishment so that he _ from
    drinking in future.
    (A) desisted
    (B) avoided
    (C) withdrew
    (D) recoiled
  3. It has been observed that income __ widened between urban and rural
    (A) accretion
    (B) tax
    (C) disparity
    (D) deviation
  4. Coins are made in the _.
    (A) mint
    (B) smithy
    (C) granary
    (D) arsenal
  5. She was standing laughing _ a crowd of journalists.
    (A) among
    (B) between
    (C) in
    (D) with

Directions (Q. 151 to 155) : Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom/phrase out of the four alternatives (A), (B), (C) and (D).

  1. To rest on one’s laurels
    (A) to depend on one’s fame
    (B) to be a parasite
    (C) to retire from active life
    (D) to crave for popularity
  2. To meet one half-way
    (A) to meet a person on the way
    (B) to come to a compromise with one
    (C) to half-hearted agreement
    (D) to apologize
  3. To have an old head on young shoulders
    (A) to have grey hair
    (B) to be wise beyond one’s years
    (C) a braggart
    (D) a person with too much responsibility
  4. Nigger in the woodpile
    (A) to inhabit in forest
    (B) a serious disease
    (C) an honest person
    (D) something that spoils a good thing
  5. To have a jaundice eye
    (A) to have jaundice
    (B) to have fever
    (C) to be prejudiced
    (D) to lose colour

Directions (Q. 156 to 160) : Choose the word out of four alternatives (A), (B), (C) and (D) which is opposite in meaning to the given word.

  1. Feeble
    (A) weak
    (B) robust
    (C) meek
    (D) emaciated
  2. Ghastly
    (A) pleasant
    (B) frightful
    (C) spectral
    (D) horrible
  3. Curb
    (A) help
    (B) incite
    (C) restrain
    (D) aggravate
  4. Overt
    (A) secret
    (B) open
    (C) copy
    (D) divert
  5. Deviate
    (A) stray
    (B) conform
    (C) abide
    (D) change

निर्देश (प्र. 161 से 163 ) सही संधि विच्छेद चुनिए :-

  1. प्रारम्भ
    (A) प्र+आरम्भ
    (B) प्रा +आरम्भ
    (C) प्रा: + अम्भ
    (D) प्र: +आरम्भ
  2. न्यून
    (A) न्य+ऊन
    (B) ने +ऊन
    (C) नि+ऊन
    (D) नी +ऊन
  3. अजन्त
    (A) अज +त:
    (B) अज +त
    (C) अच +त:
    (D) अच +अंत:

निर्देश (164 से 167) शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए :

  1. (A) देहिक
    (B) दैहिक
    (C) दैहीक
    (D) देहीक

  2. (A) रणभूमि
    (B) रणभुमि
    (C) रणभूमी
    (D) रणभुमी

  3. (A) टीपणी
    (B) टीप्पणी
    (C) टिप्पणी
    (D) टिपणी

  4. (A) विशिस्ट
    (B) विषिस्ट
    (C) विषीस्ट
    (D) विशिष्ठ
    निर्देश (प्र. 168 से 170) सही समास चुनिए ।
  5. पंचपात्र
    (A) द्वंद्व
    (B) बहुव्रीहि
    (C) तत्पुरुष
    (D) अव्ययी भाव
  6. अनिष्ट
    (A) तत्पुरुष
    (B) अव्ययी भाव
    (C) द्वंद्व
    (D) बहुव्रीहि
  7. गजानन
    (A) अव्ययी भाव
    (B) द्वंद्व
    (C) तत्पुरुष
    (D) बहुव्रीहि

Solved Question Paper of Sub-Inspector of Police Post Code 729 -HPSSC Hamirpur-2

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