Solved Question paper of HP Allied Services-2020-HPPSC Shimla

Solved Question paper of HP Allied Services-2020-HPPSC Shimla (Part-1)

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1.Which country recently took the chairmanship of G-77 (Group of 134 developing countries whithin United Nations)?

A) Nepal 

B) Ethiopia 

C)  Palestine  

D) India

2. Recently in news ‘Bishkek Declaration’s is related to-

A) India-Maldives Agreement on Aviation Cooperation 

B) BRICS bank

C) African Union Annual Summit 

D) Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

3. Which former diplomat of India has been awarded with ‘The Order of the Raising Sun, Gold and Silver star’-the second highest civilian award of Japan?

A) S. Jaishankar 

B) Nirupma Sen

C) Shyam Saran 

D) Ajit Doval

4. Which North-East India based Political party received the status of a National Party recently?

A) National People’s Party

B) Assam Gan Parishad 

C) Sikkim Democratic 

D)  Bhartiya Janta Party

5. Which amendment to Constitution of India transferred the subject of ‘education’ from state list to concurrent list?

A) 11th Amendment 

B) 39th Amendment  

C) 42nd Amendment  

D) 61st Amendment

6. Which of the following statements is not correct in relation to the Electoral Bonds ?

A) Only those political parties are eligible to receive electoral bonds bonds which have received at least 1% votes in the  previous Loksabha election.                                                                                                             

B. State Bank of India is the only authorized to issue Electoral Bonds.                                                                 

C) Electoral Bonds would bring a reduction in the cash donations to political parties.                                   

D) Even after the expiry of the validity period the Political parties can obtain payment upon submission of Electoral Bond

7. Which place in the Southern India was recently in news for its local coffee variety, called Robusta Coffee, receiving a Geographical Indicator recognization ?

a) Araku(Andhra Pradesh)

b) Chikamangalur (Karnataka)

c) Coorg (Karnataka)

d) Waynaad (Kerala)

8. Consider the following statements about Asia-Africa Growth Corridor-

1.It has been jointly proposed by India and Japan.

2.It is being seen as a response to China’s One Belt One Road project. Which of the above statements is/are correct? (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both (d) None

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both

d) None

9. Which states are partly to the Mahadai river water dispute?

a) Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

b) Andhra Pradesh, Telngana

c) Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa

d) Gujrat and Maharashtra

10. Which of the following statements regarding solar energy manufacturing in India are true?

1- India is the world largest producer of solar energy

2. India has achieved its goal of 20 GW energy production four years before the target year 2022.

3. India doesn’t manufacture Solar Panels.

a) 2 and 3      

b) 1 and 3   

c)   2 only   

d)   1 and 2

11. Recently NITI Aayog pitched the idea of Circular economy. What does it suggests?

a) To hand over all the revenue collection powers to Panchayats and Nagar Palikas.

b) To allow family to decide over the use the taxes they paid.

c) To save resources by recycle and reuse the already once-used material

d) To increase the consumption of goods produced in the home state.

12.Where did the recently concluded 24th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place?

a) Kotawince, Poland 

b) New Delhi, India  

c) Kyoto, Japan   

d) Lyon, France

13. Which India has been recently conferred with the Legion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour) the highest civilian award of France for his work specially-abled children?

a) Kailashi Satyarthi  

b) Bal Apte   

c) Francois Laborde

d) Samundra Gupta

14. Recently brought into operation, where is the India’s largest strategic petroleum reserve?

a) Bikaner, Rajasthan 

b)  Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 

c) Puducherry    

d)Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

15. Which of the following is concerned with ‘Mission All Out’?

(a) To eliminate all the armed insurgents in Jammu and Kashmir

(b)  To eradicate the diseases caused by Mosquitoes in the Urban areas.

(c) To ensure tax-collection from all the citizens eligible to pay taxes.

(d) Recognisation and banning of all the illegal coaching institutes.

16.Recently in news, White Label ATMs are-

(a) ATMs where only non-cash transactions take place

(b) ATMs which are owned by the banks but are operated and maintained by third party

Solved Question paper of HP Allied Services-2020-HPPSC Shimla

(C) ATMs which are owned, operated and even maintained by third party

(d) ATMs which are owned by multi-national banks.

17. On 27th March, 2019 India successfully tested its first anti-setellite missile. This operation was undertaken as part of which of the following missions:

(a) Mission Shakti  

(b)  Mission Raksha  

(c)  Mission Prahar  

(d)  Mission Prahari

18. Which of the following statements in regard to the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ are true:

1. It was accepted by United Nations Organization in 1967.

2. It is concerned with protection of moon, celestial bodies and outer space from all forms of weaponization

3. India is still officially not the part of this treaty

(a) 1,2 and 3  

(b) 1 and 2      

(c) 2 and 3    

(d)   Only 2

19. Which of the following committee are related to defence reforms:

(a) D.B. Shekatkar Committee  

(b) Dilip Singh Suhag Committee

(c ) Dilip Singh Bhuria Committee 

( D) Baldev Pandey Committee

20 Which neighbor country of india has signed MoU with India for training of its 1800 civil servants in India?


(B)  Sri Lanka  

(C) Afgainistan 

(d) Bangladesh

21. China is building the first of four ‘most advanced’ naval frigates for which country as part of a major bilateral arms deal?

(a) India   

(b)  Bangladesh 

(c ) Pakistan  

(d) Vietnam

22. Which India  recently became the world’s first woman amputee to climb highest peak of Antarctica ?

(a) Arunima Sinha    

(b)   Payal Rajput    

(c) Shivangi Pathak    

(d) Anushka Verma

23. Which European country hoisted the 4th International Ayurveda Congress (IAvC)  held in September 2018?

(a) Belgium  

(b) Russia

(c) France  

(d)  Netherlands

24. Which of the following current bearers of one of the highest constitutional offices of te country wrote the book “Moving on, Moving forward: One year in Office”? This book was released by PM Narendra Modi.

(a) President  Ram Kovind   

(b)  Loksabha Speaker Om Birla

(c)  Vice President Venkaiya Naidu 

(D)  Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Harivansh Singh

25. Which country has recently announced to launch Mars Mission “HOPE” by 2020?

(a) Oman 

(b) UAE

(c) Iran   

(d)  Israel

26. National Rail And Transportation Institute (NRTI) which is first of its kind institute in India for study of railways, has started to function at which of the following places?

(a) Vadodara


(c) Chennai 

(d) Hyderabad

27. India’s longet rail-cum-road bridge ’Bogibeel’ has come up over which of the following major Indian rivers?

(a) Ganga 

(b) Krishna 

(c) Kaveri  

(d)  Brahmaputra

28. 12-day long ‘Sagarmatha Friendship-2 joint military exercise saw oparticipationof which of the following two countries?

(a) India and Nepal

(B) Pakistan and Nepal 

(c) China and Nepal 

(D) Bhutan and Nepal

29. Which of the India based Automobile giants recently declared to become a carbon neutral company by 2040?

(a) tata Motors 

(b) Mahindra and Mahindra 

(c) Maruti-Sujuki

(d)  Honda

30. Which Asian country has proposed to  be the third “strategic partner” of the multi=billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) passing through PoK?

(a) India 

(b)  Afghanistan

(c) Iran

(d) Saudi Arabia

31. Which state has ranked 1st in terms of “Ease of Living Index” rankings launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA)?

(a) Odisha 

(b) Andhra Pradesh 

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Maharashtra

32. Who among the following has been appointed the new Chairman of National Skill Development Corp0ration (NSDC)?

(a)Anil Manibhai Naik 

(b) Sunil Arora 

(c) Nishant Jain

(d)  P S Chaku

33. Which country has decided to Include Hindi as the third official language used in its courts as part of a move designed to improve assess to justice?

(a) England 

(b) Oman 

(c) Abu Dhabi 

(d)  USA

Solved Question paper of HP Allied Services-2020-HPPSC Shimla

34. Who among the following has been appointed as Chairman of the National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes?

(a)  Mukesh Bhut 

(b)Bhargav Aditya

(c) Sudha Yadav

(d) Bhagwan Lal Sahni

35. Which schedule of the Indian constitution  contains the name of States and their territorial details?

(a) Second  

(b)  First 

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

36.Which article of Indian constitution reads, “It would be the responsibility of the Union to safeguard the states from external threats and internal disturbances”?
(a) Article 356 

(b) Article 355 

(c) Article 352  

d) Article 360

37. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code enacted by the Parliament of India in Year 2016, was the based on the report by-

(a) Urjit Patel Committee

(b) M.V. Kamath Committee

(c) Hasmukh Adhiya Committee 

(d) T.K. Vishwanathan Committee

38. With which of the following newspaper Mahatma Gandhi was associated as the Editor?

1. Harijan  2. Gujrat Darpan   3. Indian Opinion   4. Young India  5. Times of India

Choose the correct code:

(a)1.2 and 4  

(b) 1,2,4 and 5    

(c) 1 and 2 only 

(d) 1,3 and 4

39. Consider the following statements with regard to the National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (NCSEBC) formed in 2017:

1. It has been given constitutional status.

2. It has replaced another constitutional body named National Commission of Backward Classes.

3. A new clause 338 B has been added to the Constitution of India through a Constitution Amendment.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

(a)1,2,and 3  

(b)  1 and 3 

(c) 2 only  

(d) 3 only

40. Which of the following committees of Parliament is concerned with the regularity and economy of expenditure ?

(a) Committee on Privileges

(b)  Estimates Committee

(c) Public and Accounts Committee 

(d)  Joint Committee on Offices of Profit

41. Which of the following recommended the abolition of IAS, IPS and other All-India services?

(a) Sarkaria Commission

(b) Rajamanar Commission 

(c) Punchi Commision

(d) Ashoka Mehta Commission

42. Consider the following statements regarding New Development Bank (or BRICS Bank)?

1. All the BRICS countries, except Brazil, are its members. 2. It is headquartered at Shanghai, China.                                                     

3. Presently it is headed by M.V. Kamath of India.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a)1,2 and 3   

(b) 2 and 3  

(c)  1 and 3  

(d) 2 only

43. Consider the following statements about Attorney General of India:

1. The person appointed as Attorney-General of India can do private legal practice while remaining on the post.

2. He is eligible to sit the both the House of Parliament, but he can’t sit in the Joint sitting of the two houses.

3. It is mandatory for Attorney General to resign from his/post when the Government which appointed him/her changes.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a)1 only 

(b) 2 only

(c)  3 only 

(d) 2 and 3.

44. Which country recently has become a member of the International Criminal Court?

(a) Scotland 

(b) Ireland

(c)  Malaysia  

(d) Pakistan

45. Which city won the award for being the cleanest city in India for the third straight year in Swachh Survekshan done under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

(a) Bangalore 

(b) Indore  

(c)  Mysore 

(d)  Chandigarh

46.  National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation to be set up at which state?

(a) Uttar Pradesh 

(b) Madhya Pradesh 

(c) Goa 

(d) Maharashtra

47. Which state has declared the endangered species Indus river dolphins, one of the world’s rarest mammals, as the state’s aquatic animal?

(a) Punjab 

(b)  Uttar Pradesh 

(c)  Bihar 

(d) Uttarakhand

48.Which IPS officer has got recently appointed as the Dorector of the Central Bureau of Investigation?

(a) Dinesh Rawat 

(b) Rishi Kumar Shukla 

(c) Sarath Chandra 

(d) Rakesh Verma

49. According to Transparency International, which state occupied the top slot in the ranking of best practices followed by states in Budget formulation?

(a) Andhra Pradesh 

(b) Assam 

(c)  Odisha 

(d) Bihar

50. Which program had Election Commission of India launched for verifications of voters’ names, new registrations, changes of corrections in the Voter ID Cards for the 2019 General Elections?

(a) Voter Paper and Registration Programme  

(b) Voter Verification and Information Programme

(c) Voter Verifiable Programme 

(d)  Voter Registration Programme

Solved Question paper of HP Allied Services-2020-HPPSC Shimla

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